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Harness your Power and Achieve the Lifestyle Your Desired Lifestyle

  • Erase any Shame of the Unknown in Navigating Adulthood  through meaningful individual sessions 
  • Guidance by a  practicing professional in the areas of self care, goal management and so much more.
  • Finally develop the skills you need, to  BOSS OUT your Life Journey! 

Navigating your journey through Adulthood can be scary and down right lonely...

Let's face it, adulting ain't easy! I am sure you remember your graduation ceremonies vividly. You can even remember why you went  to school in the first place, to fill the promise of a better life. But, once everything was all said and done, that promise has not been filled and life after school is even tougher than you imagined.   

School prepares you for your career but very rarely prepares your for adulting.  While tackling adulthood you may run into obstacles such as the dreaded QuarterLife Crisis, establishing new relationships, feeding your soul, and discovering your dreams and passions. Breaking out into the real world can be very tough and a lonely experience on a long journey.

There is often a shame in saying "I don't know how to navigate through adulthood." I have been there before and I know that feeling oh too well.  Now, after completing a counselor education, and additional training in family life coaching, I am helping others navigate through difficult times quickly and effectively. 

"Coaching is the universal language of change and learning."

You know it's time for a Life Enrichment Specialist if you are experiencing any of the following: 

  • ​Feeling down, drained, stressed or overwhelmed by life but unsure how to shake it
  • Had great expectations for your life but not quite there yet 
  • Feeling unmotivated, directionless, and have little to no passion
  • Want a better life than what you're living but not quite sure how to get there 
  • Wanting more confidence to go out and do the things you want to do 
  • Feel like you suck at the journey of adulting 
  • Struggling to establish meaningful relationships, dealing with a complicated relationship, or recovering from a breakup 
  • Difficulty taking control of your life and knowing what you want
  • Finding self awareness 
  • Adjusting to a major life milestone like getting married, graduating, changing careers, starting a family

By choosing me you’ll get the following benefits:

Harness Your Power

Transform your life through learning effective strategies in self-care, goal making/implementation, self-actualization and so much more

Unlock Life Blockers

Learn how to break through life's toughest obstacles through personalized interventions and guidance.  Gain more life satisfaction with ease. 

Finally Take Control 

Finally get a hold of your life problems and learn how to solve them in a timely fashion. Get unstuck and gain the confidence you need to adult like a boss.  

Complimentary Consultation

How Libby Dramatically Dropped Bad Habits While Centering her Mind in Just 6 Weeks

"Don't let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks. " -Roopleen

Libby was two years out of earning her bachelor's degree in Marketing. At the time she was working in a department store because she was having difficulty landing a job in Marketing where she lived. When she came to me she expressed unhappiness with her work and frustration with her lack of accomplishments. 

When Every Sucks! 

In our first meeting Libby exclaimed "it feels like everything sucks!" She expressed that she felt distanced from her family, had little time for friends, and hated her current job. Libby was overwhelmed with undue pressure she had placed on herself. She hated her job, because it wasn't what she studied in college. 

So we discussed meeting for some sessions (6 to be exact) to help Libby tackle some of these frustrations. ​One of the big things that she was facing was high frustration and low satisfaction in her life. First, we talked about what a satisfactory life looked like to her. Libby determined she wanted a job in her field, spend more time with her friends, and learn how to calm down. 

She Didn't Believe in Yoga

Libby wasn't for Yoga, and did not feel she had the time to engage in it. So we had to find relaxing activities that spoke to her. Libby was ready to invest in herself and her open mind as well as her motivation and willingness to change all enhanced her experience. By the end of 6 sessions Libby had, landed her first marking job, found time to spend with her friends, and was actively practicing meditation. She also made connections to her personality from testing and interpretation that she had never been able to make before. This not only strengthened her self-confidence but deepened the bond and love she had for herself.  

What Our Product Does for You:

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Yourself

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." -Aristotle

The journey of self-discovery can be very difficult and riddled with obstacles. However, having my assistance of as your life enrichment specialist can help you unlock your potential and harness your power.  You will learn how your personality connects to different tasks as well as have access to testing with professional interpretation of results. 

Work through Tough Life Obstacles 

Everyone has challenges and obstacles in their lives. As your life enrichment specialist I help you address tough moments and challenges that come up in your life and help you to develop solutions as well act like a guide to help you work through life's tough moments

  • Build self-care strategies that work for you 
  • Learn problem solving techniques that can be used again and again
  • Build communication skills that helps you to accurately and effectively get your point across  

Benefit from Expressing Your Worries in a Non-Judgemental Space

Sometimes we have things that we want to say but are scared of the possible judgment of our thoughts. 

As your Life Enrichment Specialist I provide you with a listening ear with no judgements. I help you to embrace and accept life as it is now, while you make positive changes for a better future. With working with me, there is no shame about where you are in life just positive vibes to help in the move forward. 

Access to a Qualified Professional

As your Life Your Life Enrichment Specialist you have access to a professional who works to assist people in changing their lives daily. 

You'll have access to techniques used in today's mental health industry only accessible to qualified professionals. From formal personality testing to use of skill building techniques, you can rest assured that you are investing in a service provided by a master level professional. 

What You’ll Get...

Access to an experienced professional ready to help you change your life starting today! 

With a variety of coaching services to choose from: you get access to a coach is willing to listen judgement free. Plus you'll have services like email follow ups, check in phone calls, personality and wellness testing with professional interpretation, and personalized plans and creative exercise to help you advance. 

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1 Month Package

1:1 Sessions (group options)

3 Sessions 

  • Address  1 Topic of Your Choice
  • Hand Picked Activities, Worksheets, and Exercisises 
  • Customized Action Plans 
  • 3  Check-ins


One Time Payment 


3 Month Package

1:1 Sessions 

5 Sessions 

  • ​Address up to 3 topics of your choice
  • 5 Sessions over 3 months
  • Personality  or Self-awareness or wellness testing + interpretation 
  • Monthly 15min phone check in + email /text  

$ 399

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5 Month Package

1:1 Sessions 

8 Sessions 

  • Address up to 5 topics of your choice
  • 8 Sessions over 5 months 
  • Combination of testing at your choice
  • Biweekly phone check-in + email/text


Payment Options Available

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Each package was designed with the Bossbabe in mind .  This is for the ladies who are striving hard to live independently and authentically in their lives. These packages are to help you narrow down your purpose, build self-awareness, and charge forward towards your desired lifestyle. 

Each package includes 

  • Written Action Plans
  • Check-ins
  • Notes and Summaries from Sessions
  • Hand Picked Worksheets, Activities, and Exercises ​
  • 1:1 Sessions Delivered on Zoom

The first years of adulthood are vital. Don't waste your precious time stumbling through road blocks! Hire me as your Life Enrichment Specialist to work through challenges faster and efficiently.  Anyone can say they are a coach or a consultant, but not many have the education or experience to back it up.  When investing in my service know you are working with a qualified professional! 

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Gain Control Of Your Life!!!
  • 1:1 sessions to start working towards your desires lifestyle
  • Access to individualized plans to meet your needs
  • Check-ins, emails, and text with quality services available at your fingertips


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