Learn How To Nourish Your Soul

Get Super Clear on Your Vision, Build a 24/7 Life GPS, Create both Balance and Happiness so you can
  Finally Have Life Adoration!

Finally Live A Life You  Adore!

Learn how to balance out your life and harness your power with a clear vision so you can finally start enjoying your day to day life. With my Signature Coaching Programs you can grasp how to overcome constant second guess and drop the self-loathing. All while you pick up self-care, self-love, and a boost in confidence starting right now so you can shine like the bossbabe you truly are.  

Harness Your Power 

Learn how to fall in love with the skin you're in and pick up effective strategies to manage life with self-care, a healthy mindset, and  relationship skills.

Unlock Life Blockers 

Break down expectations previously set for you by setting your own. Audit your life and create a crystal clear vision. Along with kickass goals that you can actually accomplish.


Advance Faster

With a personal cheerleader holding you accountable to get ish done, these programs were designed so you could get focused and make effective changes in the quickest time frame possible. 

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Why Feeding Your Soul Is The Answer 

Because 78% of young adults want experiences over material things... 

When asked what do young women want I received overwhelming responses that included:  

100% Happiness 

85%  Love 

55%  Food 

36%  Respect 

27%  Honest, Loyalty, and Healthy Communication 

What does this mean? It means women are hungry for more our of their lives. They want to nourish themselves and feel content with their lives. They want to have a work/life balance, with flexibility, so they can enjoy, happiness in life. They want to be able to have amazing relationships with love, honor, and respect. They want to be leaders and have opportunities to progress, but they have no idea where to begin.  That's where I come in! I teach women how to take the steps to have exactly what they want in life, full life adoration. 

Shauna Allen 

Owner, Life Enrichment Coach

When You Work With Me...

You'll Get: 

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions 
  • Customized Life Audit, With Goal and Vision Planning
  • Progress Tracking 
  • Notes, Check-ins, and Written Resources 

Value GuaranteeD

Here at Delightful Struggles I care about your journey and I believe you are able to transform your life with a powerful mindset and  continued support. I offer 1:1 90 minute coaching sessions, notes from our session, a system to help you track your progress, written workbooks/resources to help you change your life, plus additional check-ins weekly to hold you accountable to your goals. You will be receiving a valued system that works best when you are ready, willing, and able. I'm ready are you?

I'm Ready Willing and Able to Sign Up 

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