Learn How To Create More Time

Audit, Organize, and Plan Your Life,
 So You Can, 
  Finally Find Joy, Purpose and Meaning Daily!

Finally Live A Life You  Adore!

You've read enough self-help books and you've taken enough courses. Now you need to learn how to create the time and space in your life to actually implement those techniques. With my Signature Coaching programs learn how to plan, organize, and audit your life. When you create space in your life, you are FINALLY able to actually have the space that allows for purpose, meaning, and joy to be present daily. When you work with me, I provide expert coaching that is jammed pack with amazing techniques that help you beat overwhelm (RIGHT NOW)!

Harness Your Power 

Learn how to organize your days and pick up effective strategies so that you can improve, your daily relationships, self care, and lifestyle without sacrificing daily obligations. 

Unlock Life Blockers 

Audit your life and create a crystal clear vision and kickass goals that you can actually accomplish. All while beating overwhelm and busting down time obstacles.  


Advance Faster

With a personal cheerleader holding you accountable to get ish done, these programs were designed so you could get focused and make effective changes in the quickest time frame possible. 

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Why Organizing and Auditing The Answer 

Because 48% of American adults say they don't have the time to experience life how they want... 

Most millennial women feel they dont have enough time for:   



Spending time with Friends or Family

Leisure Activites 

Self Enrichment  

Working Through Life Challenges

What does this mean? It means women are hungry for more out of their lives. They want to nourish themselves and feel content with their lives. They want to have a work/life balance, with flexibility, so they can enjoy, happiness in life. They want to be able to have amazing relationships with love, honor, and respect. They want to be leaders and have opportunities to progress, but the work full time and are exhausted at the end of the day. They have NO TIME for purpose, joy, and meaning. That's where I come in! I teach women how to organize their lives so they can have EXACTLTY what they want, full life adoration. 

Shauna Allen 

Owner, Life Enrichment Coach

When You Work With Me...

You'll Get: 

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions 
  • Customized Life Audit, With Goal and Vision Planning
  • 1 Full Life Revamp and Planner Customization
  • Progress Tracking 
  • Notes, Check-ins, and Written Resources 

Value GuaranteeD

Here at Delightful Struggles I care about your journey and I believe you are able to transform your life with a powerful mindset and  continued support. I offer 1:1 90 minute coaching sessions, notes from our session, a system to help you track your progress, written workbooks/resources to help you change your life, plus additional check-ins weekly to hold you accountable to your goals. You will be receiving a valued system that works best when you are ready, willing, and able. I'm ready are you?

I'm Ready Willing and Able to Sign Up! 

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